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Introducing Aidan Wesley

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Aidan Wesley Kibbey was born Tuesday January 29th at 8:11am EST.  He weighed in at 9lbs and 0oz (4.08 kilo’s for our international friends and family) and was 20 inches (51 centimeters) long.

Everyone is doing fine and mum and baby should be home this Friday.  I’m having trouble uploading pictures to this section of the blog so you’ll have to click on the “Our Photos” link above to see them for now.  Will add more as the week goes on.


My Country

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This is just a quick note. I know people don’t want to read about this stuff from me but I’ve never before felt so moved to talk like this so please read on.

I miss being proud of my country. We used to be a country that the rest of the world looked to as an example. This is no longer the case folks. We have gotten in WAY over our heads internationally and our rights at home are slipping away day by day. It is time to do something about it. I believe this coming election cycle is more important than any in the last 50 years or more. PLEASE - for those of you here in America. Research the issues, research the candidates, ignore what the main stream media and our own government tells you, they do not have your interests in mind.
I’ve done my research, I’ve narrowed the field. There is only one candidate that truly respects our constitution. His name is Ron Paul. He is a 10 term congressman from Texas and former Ob/gyn. He is not getting the respect from the media that he deserves but he has more individual contributors to his campaign than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE. He has more people donating from the military than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE. And his voting record in congress is UNMATCHED.

Get us out of these never ending wars, stop the torture and stop the attack on our privacy from our own government. Dr. Paul is a true statesman. Look him up and please consider him when you vote. But even if you don’t vote for Dr. Paul… MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

2007 - Year in Review

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Well, as the tagline of this site clearly states, this is an occasional blog. Sorry about a year between posts but life is moving fast, there isn’t much time for this kind of stuff. Ok, disclaimer complete… here goes…

We started the year by finishing up most of the renovations on the house. We had a really tough time getting the dust out but things are back to normal now. There are a few little projects that need some of my time but nothing critical so I’ll get to them as life permits. As I am a complete slacker sometimes, I needed some motivation to finish up the big renovation so we decided to rent our new home out for the Naval Academy graduation. It was a bit crazy the last few days but it was worth it. We left for a three week vacation at just the right time.

Our vacation started with a flight to Los Angeles where we had about 10 hours of layover time to kill. During the layover we went to Santa Monica and checked out the beach, the pier, and a nice little aquarium under the pier. It was a long time but it gave us a nice break before our next flight to New Zealand. Brianna wasn’t a big fan of being in an airplane for over 12 hours but we made the best of the ride and took lots of laps around the plane to stay busy. Once in New Zealand we proceeded directly to Nana’s house for a nap and some down time. Check out the “Our Photos” link for a plethora of pics. While we were in New Zealand we got to See Dana’s Aunties and all of her Brothers. Brianna got to play with her cousin Kodie and take a walking tour of the dairy farm where her Uncle Michael works. She liked the piggies the best but not more than the cows near her nana’s house. She said hello to them each morning as only a 2 year old would. “Hi Cows! Moo!” Dana and I managed to slip away for an evening of culture where we caught a Maori cultural show and dinner. It is somewhat similar to a Luau in Hawaii but a little more serious with the warrior culture of the Maori people. It was an excellent evening, set in the woods at night with a natural stream and an entrance by canoe (sorry, I can’t remember what they called their canoe)

After New Zealand we left for a little respite in Hawaii. There we spent about a week in a nice hotel in Waikiki overlooking the ocean and the city. We took in every zoo, aquarium and wildlife show we could find and Brianna even got the chance to play on the beach a bit. While we were in Honolulu we caught up with my cousin Jennifer and her family who was stationed with the Navy there. Brianna had a great time playing with 3 more cousins there!

Once we got home and settled in to our new bedroom (we let the renters have the first go of the new space), Dana dropped the news to me that she was pregnant. Apparently she knew of this for our entire vacation but didn’t mention it… I guess she thought I would figure it out but I think I was too busy chasing Brianna down. Though I must admit that I had dreamt she was pregnant a couple of times so clearly my subconscious was aware somehow.
As a result of the renovations, we added about 1,000 sq feet of living space. That space includes a larger laundry/mud room (with a spare fridge to keep the beer cold!), an expanded dining and kitchen area (complete with new powder room and pantry), and most of all, a beautiful master suite with coffee/wet bar and a luxury super shower. I was also able to carve out a small workshop as a result of the new mudroom layout. This has proven to be very valuable already as I finish little projects here and there. While we were tearing things up we replaced all of the siding on the house which makes it REALLY stand out… we also put on a 500 sq ft deck and about 800 sq ft of brick pavers in walkways and patios out back. (perfect for little brianna’s push toys)

Speaking of Brianna, she has really grown up fast. 2007 saw her go from wobbling to sprinting and climbing, she went from a few words in the beginning of the year to easily several hundred by the end of the year. Her personality is really starting to show as well. She loves to play like all kids do, but she likes to kick back and watch a movie or a cartoon as well. I’m doing my best to teach her some soccer skills.

Work had me putting in a lot of extra hours over the summer and fall as we prepared to deploy the system we have been designing for the Navy to the first location. But we managed to find time to keep little Brianna and Bella (our dog) busy in the yard and elsewhere as much as possible. As mommy’s tummy grew larger, we started to talk a lot with Brianna about the new addition that was coming. More on that later.

We really had fun this fall going to the Naval Academy football games with our neighbors. Our season tickets are fantastic and it is just a short walk to the stadium from our house. If you haven’t been for a game, it is a must see. The march on and the fly over alone are enough reason to go and lately the team has been pretty good too!

In November, my close friend and cohort Chris Richard finally took the plunge and married the lovely Kristin from Buffalo NY. They had a nice ceremony and a fantastic party. Brianna is sorry for stealing the show but she just can’t help it… she loves to dance and daddy couldn’t keep up with her. We wish Chris and Kristin all the best!

We played hosts for Thanksgiving this year, we had the neighbors over and had a great time playing games and relaxing over some turkey, beer, and football. Shortly afterwards, the baby preparations went into full swing. As a result, Brianna is now in a new “big girl” room, with new furniture and a new bed. And the nursery is being cleaned up and prepared for our new addition. Brianna is taking to the new room nicely and likes having dad lie down next to her for her nighttime story.

Christmas was fun this year with Brianna old enough to really enjoy it and start talking about Santa Claus with those big blue sparkling eyes of hers. It’s like magic when you look into them. We had my office mates over for a big Kiwi / NZ theme party where we treated everyone to some meat pies, sausage rolls, lamb sandwiches and a few other New Zealand delights. I think we have some new meat pie fans here now. Check out Ram’s Pies in Arlington VA if you want some!
I’m sure there are a ton of things I’ve left out for the year end wrap up but hopefully you’ll forgive me if it was something important. PLEASE - we love visitors, we have a great guest suite and plenty of couch space… come see us, we’ll make it fun!

As you can see, 2007 was a pretty good year for our little family. 2008 should prove a little more interesting with our new addition coming along nicely. Stay Tuned!

Merry New Year!

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A Very Happy ChristmaHanukKwanzikah to all our friends and family and extra good wishes to the new year!





Siding is done!

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After MANY delays… the house is finally starting to look whole again.  

100_0042.JPG              100_25881.JPG

Construction Continues

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image0011.jpg          image001.jpg    

WOW, what a summer… here are a just a few of the interesting happenings this summer.

The stairs… the carpenter removed all of the stairs in our house (our plans called for the stair plan to be reversed) only to find that the replacement stairs they had standing by to be installed weren’t sized correctly.  This caused us some problems as we had to use ladders to get between levels which was impossible if you had little Brianna with you.  And since the only bathtub was now inaccessible, we had to get creative and enlist the neighbors tubs for bathtime.

The snake… our plumber mentioned that he had seen a snake in our crawl space during his work but was unable to get it out for us.  He didn’t seem too concerned about it but the idea that we were living in the room next to the crawl space and aware that the construction had made it impossible to keep something like a snake from entering our space, we were quite concerned.  We still don’t know where the snake is, hopefully it found a way out somehow… but it was definitely responsible for a few creepy dreams.

The dogs… our yard has become a bit of a hangout for the neighborhod dogs because our dog Bella is the friendliest dog around but there are two of the neighbors dogs that just don’t get along with each other.  I think they both claim boyfriend status to our Bella or something.  Anyway, Rocky and Big had a scuffle and Bruce tried to break it up by offering them some meat… in the form of his hand.  A quick (ha) trip to the emergency room got his wound cleaned up and bandaged but it was the Omaha steaks from one of the dogs owners that made it all better for him.

The heat… there were some really hot days in July… our general contractor picked one of those days to send his junior guy out to dig some footers for a retaining wall in the back yard.  As I usually do, I stopped at home for lunch and offerred the kid some water which he hapily accepted.  On my way back to work however, I got a call from the general contractors office telling me that the kid had passed out from the heat and was in need of some help.  Some more water and a few hours of cool air made him feel better but we didn’t see him for a few days and when he returned he was rarely seen without water.

The lightening… we had a bit of a scare on July 4th.  After a wonderful day at Joe and Jane Richard’s beach house, we got home just as a typical summer thunder storm was moving quickly through our area.  Bruce was up in the new construction area making sure water wouldn’t come through an opening for a window that hadn’t yet arrived from Home Depot (sigh).  Some seconds after he had been hanging out the opening stapling a tarp to the outside of the house, lightening struck the house some 4 or 5 feet from where he was standing.  Aside from the temporary hearing loss due to the very loud strike, Bruce was shaken but fine.  The house suffered some minor damage from the force of the strike, the resulting electric surge to some appliances and a small fire that developed inside a heating duct but it could have been much worse had we not been home and not had such good neighbors.  (thanks to Ray for the fire extenguisher)

It was a very long summer, but the house is starting to show promise… if we can only get that siding done!

Spring Travels

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100_2159_web.JPGSince the house is being torn apart, we thought it would be a good time for little Brianna to go and visit Nana in New Zealand.  Unfortunately, I was unable to go so Dana and Brianna had to make the trip without me.  The two of them spent about a week in New Zealand visiting mum and Dana’s brothers.  Then the three of them (Dana, Brianna, and Nana) popped over to Australia to visit sister Nadine and attend baby Christophers christening.

DSC00148_web.JPGOn the way home, I did meet Dana and Brianna for a long weekend in San Fransisco where we did the full tourist circuit.  We saw Alcatraz, Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, and we even rode the cable cars!  Thanks to Rosemary and Fred for taking us to Salsalito and giving us the locals tour.

Construction has begun!

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Well there goes the neighborhood… The crew began excavating the back yard today to prepare for our addition to the house.  We’re pushing out the kitchen and laundry rooms and adding a master suite on a whole new level.  If everything goes right (I have no confidence that will happen but its a nice thought) the work will be completed by the end of the Summer.

It’s a big project, wish us luck… or better yet, stop by and pitch in!


A Big Leap!

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MentiSourceInc_logo.jpgWell, I’ve talked about it for a few months now and today is the day… My last day as an employee was yesterday, today is my first day as an employer… I started a company.  MentiSource Inc. is now a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman on a Navy contract and I will continue supporting the Navy ERP project out of the Annapolis lab for the time being.

Who knows what the future will bring to MentiSource, but for now the focus is primarilly on my current client.

So long Pool…

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100_1670_web.JPGFor a number of reasons… we’ve had our pool removed.  Mostly we just didn’t use it and wanted a bigger yard for little Brianna to play in… but it was also old, beat up, hard to keep clean, VERY cold, and somewhat dangerous when you consider we’ll have a todler in a year or two.  So it goes… we have a community pool less than a block away so we can still swim!

100_1683_web.JPG 100_1713_web.JPG

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